In the world of sneakers, some styles will become classics. The sneakers that have been so consistently passed down have become a real popular, and this trend has never been reduced. The classic style has never been accepted and loved by sneaker lovers and the general public. For Nike, some models will be sold to shareholders, similar to the all-white leather Air Monarch series that their parents like, but such a series is obviously not a favorite of children and fashion people, they hate such shoes. There are pairs of shoes that have been sought after across the world for different ages and crowds. The Nike Air Force 1 carries the most important qualities: low-top, all-white.


The white low-powered Air Force1 has always been one of the best-selling sneakers. More than a decade ago, sports commodity analyst Matt Powell told the New York Times that in 2005, the shoes sold about 12 million pairs, and the total sales for the first 20 years of its release. According to Powell's analysis, Air Force 1 is still the No. 2 shoe in Nike sales after ten years. The fiery co-branded and limited editions may temporarily give AF1 more face-to-face opportunities, creating more topicality in the new generation, but the monochromatic color scheme, especially pure white, is the shoe that has always existed in each The reason for the kind of shop.


When Air Force 1 appeared on the court in 1982, Nike's designer Bruce Kilgore created a version that only offered high-top styles, straps at the ankles and a unique midsole design, which was the first time Nike air cushions appeared. On the basketball shoes. The natural white-gray color makes the color and style of the shoes simple. Subsequent more daring team color distribution, low-profile version in 1983, this choice makes Air force 1 a more popular choice.



Nike's original plan was to make Air Force 1 a popular next-generation style and new technology showcase. But I did not expect is that this style has become a classic, has been present on the shoe shelves, these may need to be attributed to a variety of colors emerging, thank shoe company called Baltimore, which launched the first shop " The plan of shoe of the month saved Air Force 1. Air Force 1 began working with a variety of different brands and shoe stores, and at the time launched a limited version that allowed the shoe to connect with the city.


The arrival of the pure white low-cut version, this white configuration makes the former style become a more dazzling star. But when Air Force 1 Low was first released, the shoes were full of unsolved mysteries. According to internal sources, the all-white version of the Air Force 1 was first released in 1997, but some stores like Foot Locker in some places sold the white high-end version in 1992. And in 1994 ad, all white and black high-top or low-top sneakers had appeared in appearance.


Regardless of the official release date of the shoes, the all-white low-cut version of Air Force 1 quickly became the sales champion. Nike know how the loyal fans which create topics and popular. The most important point, Nike limited edition, all-white version of a temporary reduction in yield, waiting for people's needs and expectations. In the 1990 plan, Air Force 1 created a variety of city-limited items. In 1994, the version of the gang was released, and the City Attack program was introduced to promote the familiar Nike NYC logo to the global market.


In London, owing to the release of JD Sport, the all-white and all-black Air Force 1 began to gain popularity quickly. Three years after the impact of Nelly's songs in 2005, Atlanta's pioneer musician Young Jeezy got his own signature Air Force 1. Immediately, the pair of sneakers entered the street culture and became an indispensable symbol in street fashion. With white Tee and fat jeans, it became the uniform of street boys. With the increase in practicality and relatively low prices, Air Force 1 quickly became a fashion phenomenon.


Around 2000, people began to build their own Air Force 1, a variety of different decorations and designs were used on the shoes. It is from this time on, Air Force 1 is more like a canvas, allowing designers to play freely, which promotes the sneakers into a legend. Nigo's Bapsis uses almost the same design, but at least such designs and styles provide a lot of thought for the growth of Air Force 1. Bapestas uses patent leather and crazy colors, which give Nike more new inspiration. Pure white was worn in various places at the same time. For Reebok at the time, the I3 series of shoes was the main style, but its spokesperson Allen Iverson did not give up the love of Air Force 1. When Nelly let the song sing all over the country, Footlocker and Nike reduced the original pricing in a timely manner. We saw that the shelves that once placed the I3 series were put on Air Force 1. This era and cooperation has made Air Force 1 a collector's item and even a snapped-up product.


As we all know, in 2007, Nike made a variety of works for the Air Force 1 anniversary event. The pure white Air Force 1 Low is used as a boutique. The version of the crocodile skin is a handmade version of Made In Italian, which is extremely luxurious and sells for $2,000. In the creation of the Volkswagen version, the designer re-created the overall structure and divided the sneakers into different versions. The pure white style, made of 10A leather, is more simple and simple, and looks even more than the original version. White.


But gradually, the role of Air Force 1 was replaced by new trends in the hands of collectors. Some people accuse the anniversary of selling too many styles, causing people to experience aesthetic fatigue. Some points of view point that the pants are getting thinner and thinner. This combination does not seem to be suitable for Air Force 1, but the shoes are not discontinued and are still on sale. As a classic style with a variety of styles and strategies, Air Force 1 has become a classic that spans several generations. For each generation, this shoe has a different meaning.


Although Air Force 1 has a history of countless brilliance, various stars have ever mastered such a style. Recently, Force's DNA has begun to change, becoming a more high-end design, and also heightened in the upper. In order to cater to the modern way of dressing, last year we saw the new evolution of the Special Field Air Force 1.


No one will let this classic shoe roll out on the historical stage. Nike didn't make this shoe retired in the 1980s, and no one can leave the shoe off the shelf. With the 35th anniversary, the pure white version has become a popular existence for nearly 20 years, while AF1 is still the foundation of the past and future of the shoes.