The design of the Air Jordan 34 is inspired by the F1 car. In addition to hollowing out the midsole to steal weight, the shape of the entire shoe body is very smooth and flexible, just like a super race that is ready to go. Streamlined.


In addition to being thin and transparent, the material of the cicada-like shoe body is also very breathable. The feet do not feel stuffy after 2 hours of the ball, and there are many small holes in the wire reinforced parts on the inner side of the shoe. , Is really a very pleasing detail.


First of all, the first feeling of Air Jordan 34 is a peculiarly flexible rebound of "Pebax material" plus Zoom Air cushion on the back of the shoe. It is definitely not the soft feeling of stepping on the shit, but the kind of flexibility. elasticity. The forefoot gave me the feeling of "barefoot feeling" that Mr. Micheal Jordan asked AJ to do! Yes, the feedback from the forefoot is so direct, you do nt actually feel the presence of the Zoom Air cushion too much, but when you force or jump, the Air Jordan 34 s forefoot Zoom Air cushion will give a moderate amount You can cushion it reliably. This kind of feeling is very wonderful, just like a street run with a well-adjusted chassis, giving you different cushioning on different roads but at the same time giving you a clear sense of road! It can be said that the Air Jordan 34 surprises me in terms of cushioning, and I give 5 stars full marks!


The pattern of the Air Jordan 34 sole adopts the tried-and-tested, simple herringbone pattern. Various practices have proven that the grip of the herringbone pattern is very reliable and has strong adaptability. Both indoor and outdoor venues have a very balanced performance. Coupled with XDR's wear-resistant rubber material, it also has additional points in durability. Of course, the 2-hour health basketball can't break the grip limit of the Air Jordan 34. The herringbone pattern is once again worthy of its glorious tradition and won the grip of 5 stars. good grade!


During two hours of basketball activities, from time to time I still feel that the heel and ankle joints are not too close to the feet. The socks are not matched and they will lose a point. One reason is to reduce the weight. The heel and ankle joints are filled with cotton. Probably reduced, so Air Jordan 34 received 4.5 stars for fitting and protection.


Air Jordan 34 is the best pair of AJ in the past five years, the second is the Air Jordan 30 with little innovation but high stability. Translucent materials have the same breathability as woven materials, but the durability has yet to be tested. The stealth of the midsole brain hole, the light weight of the whole shoes, make the feet free of burden, the barefoot feeling of the low center of gravity of the forefoot allows you to have a stronger confidence breakthrough and disguise, and the cushioning of the back palm can give you a good Support, one of your favorite cushioning settings. The strong grip of the bottom of the character makes you worry-free! Putting on the Air Jordan 34 will allow you to play your favorite basketball more freely.