A Classic Across The Ages: Nike Air Max 97


In recent years, under the influence of the new popular trend represented by Old Hurricane, the concept of retrohas rekindled the flame of recovery; at the same time, this style is also perfectly suited to the characteristics of our current autumn and winter. , for us to create a superior choice of wear - just like this Nike Air Max 97.


When it comes to those works with perfect retro temperament, the Air Max BW shoes that were born in 1991 are undoubtedly the option to be missed. The name "BW" in the name means "Big Window" to refer to Air Max 90. The half-palm cushion that is carried on the body is better than the full palm visualization window air cushion.


Turning the hands of time back to modern times: In the spring of 2018, a new composite shoe featuring the Nike Air Max 97 BW was successfully attracted by its elegant appearance and unique temperament. Popularity. The shape continues to perfectly extend the BW prototype's upper design, while matching the same classic Air Max 97 full palm Max Air cushion midsole for a unique visual impact.


In terms of appearance, the Air Max 97 BW is packaged in a classic Nike shoe box. The bright red color is complemented by the white Nike Swoosh. The recognition is extremely high, and the distinctive personality is unobstructed. It inherits the classics of the times. Design, even the first moment touched by the fingertips, can feel the rich retro flavor.


The core concept of "Silver" is inextricably linked to the Air Max 97 series. On the one hand, the most fascinating color matching of Air Max 97 is the Sliver Bullet color matching called "silver bullet". With the innate vintage talents of the shoes, the Air Max 97 BW also has a perfect chemical reaction with the silver, bringing a first impression that is unforgettable.


With a silver-tone accent, complemented by a black body lining and heel detailing, the Air Max 97 BW is sure to show a stunning visual experience no matter who it is. A touch of distinctive blue-violet Swoosh adorns the sides of the shoe, adding a touch of visual layering to the brand's appeal.


In terms of details, the white ribbon of the shoe body is embellished with the popular 3M reflective material. The effect is very similar to that of the Air Max 97. Even the night sports can bring the infinite charm of the eye-catching index. It highlights the vitality of young and popular.


The colorful upper is especially important for a retro running shoe. Because of this, Air Max 97 BW's hard-power performance in the upper position is the highest level on the market: the retro-style splicing material design, firmly fit the soul of the retro trend, shaping the outstanding The value of expression.


The tongue position is embellished with Nike Swoosh, which highlights the perfect charm of the academic retro character. Under the gleaming large-area silver color matching, the overall and detail advantages are revealed.


The heel position is embellished with the words "AIR MAX", the white lettering complements the black background, and the unique contrast of the contrast design; the bottom of the palm is also decorated with the delicate Nike Swoosh, followed by the heel Swoosh, where the same position appears, echoes you can't imagine a pair of shoes that can polish all the details so perfectly, and the Air Max 97 BW looks like it's effortless.



As the core content of the high-profile, Air Max 97 BW mid-bottom performance, let us take a closer look: the full palm Max Air atmosphere pad blessing, creating a comfortable and comfortable foot experience, the first foot In an instant, you can deeply appreciate the ultimate cushioning performance that this classic technology that spans time can bring us.


In the well-known Air Max air cushion family, the full palm visualization window is undoubtedly the flagship configuration standard, from Air Max 97 to this pair of composite shoes that continue the design soul. Under the support of solid black rubber outsole material, this Max air cushion is full of luxury, and it is enough to be fascinated by the fingertips or personally.


The pursuit of aesthetics is the unchanging theme of humanity since ancient times. It spans the times and combines the qualities of the classic Nike running shoes that were born in the 1990s, supplemented by the theme of metallic silver. You can hardly think of it. Sweeping the space sci-fi style of the 90s, and the Air Max 97 BW, which is both retro and contemporary, will definitely be a super-popular trend that will bring new surprises and add a touch of retro temperament.